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yoga – a journey

due to my passion for music, i was heavily involved in dancing during my childhood and early youth. slowly but incrementally i developed a deep love for yoga – first mentally, then physically and eventually through a deeper, more profound and holistic approach. the way yoga teaches, shapes and heals is humbling.
in my opinion we need to take responsibility for ourselves in a kind, loving, reflective and honest way. therefore i believe it is our duty to be kind, loving, reflective and honest to the people around us too. what we learn on the mat is a preparation for everything beyond the mat.
my yoga style is a dynamic anusara inspired hatha and vinyasa krama flow which is characterized by a gentle approach towards the soul and an accurate alignment of the body. i did my first 200h training with renowned chris chavez who instructs in an anusara inspired hatha technique. my second 200h training and the additional ones were with rae indigo in therapeutic vinyasa krama technique, followed by a teacher enhancement training with my teacher elena brower. i took further workshops with teachers such as elena brower, marc holzman, sue elkind, patrick creelman and more. within and beyond the limbs of yoga i strive to better myself through trainings and studies. i will always see myself as a disciple. whatever i learn and love i want to share. my courses are accessible to everyone, be it in public classes, therapeutic yoga or in one-on-one private sessions. i teach in german and english.


CHF 130 (60 minutes)
CHF 150 (75 minutes) 
10 for 9 if you buy a pass

CHF 150 (60 minutes)


yoga am hotingerplatz

TUESDAY    18:00-19:30 regular
                  20:00-21:30 advanced
THURSDAY  9:30-11:00  regular
FRIDAY       9:30-11:00  advanced


SUNDAYS     13:30-15:30 refined and extended practice
(once a month)