picture by manuel rickenbacher

The Magic Square -Katonah Yoga by Nevine Michaan, Artwork by Susan Fierro


holistic health coaching 

i am a certified holistic health coach.
our integrative nutrition concept distinguishes between primary and secondary foods. all the foods we can eat are called secondary foods. those "foods" that nourish us on a deeper level are relationships, career, spirituality and movement. we call them primary foods. 

along my own path i have been riddled with inner and outer conflicts and that is why i have always worked with experts may it be in kinesiology, somatic experience, integrative body psychology, the handel group, yoga and many more. life is constantly moulding us.

i have studied over a 100 dietery theories and acquired beautiful tools for coaching. i strive to help you to find your true purpose in life and to achieve your personal goals; whether they concern your health, your relationships, your ideal weight, your job or your spiritual practice so that you eventually can unfold yourself.

creating perfection is not our aim, we are humbly endeavouring to cope with this one life to the best of our abilities and to transform in order to become who we are meant to be.


CHF 150 per session 

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