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yoga – an unfolding

The goal of an integrated Yoga practice is to develop a narrative thread, which guides us into our potential. We engage with ourselves first, in order to become truly social. The practice becomes a metaphor and eventually gives rise to new insights, which will inevitably reform and transform us personally and communally.
In my opinion we need to take responsibility for ourselves in a kind, loving, reflective and honest way. Only by looking at our shortcomings we can overcome hindering propensities and evolve new learnings and therefore grow our potential as humans.  
I teach Hatha Yoga, which has been enriched through the teachings of Katonah Yoga® (www.katonahyoga.com), join the community and find all certified Katonah Yoga® teachers here.
My classes are always characterized by a gentle approach towards the spirit by the use of imagination and metaphors. On the other hand I emphasize an accurate attuning of the body by proper adjustments and through the integration of the theory. 

Certified 200h Katonah Yoga® Nevine Michaan
Certified 200h Anusara with Chris Chavez
Certified 2ooh Vinyasa Krama with Rae Indigo
100h further trainings with Rae Indigo
Certified Integrativ Health Coach
Certified by 1 Giant Mind Meditation teacher Jonni Pollard

Other teachers to whom I owe gratitude are Abbie Galvin, Elena Brower, Dages Juvelier Keates, Jonni Pollard.

My courses are accessible to everyone, be it in public classes or in 1:1 privates. 
I teach in english and german.


CHF 150 (60 minutes) 
book here


Yoga am Hottingerplatz

FRIDAYS        9:30-11:00 advanced

ORBIT (6) - Grossmünsterplatz 6, 8001 Zürich

TUESDAYS    18:15-19:45 Dynamic Katonah Class book here

THURSDAYS 9:30-11:00 Katonah Flow book here

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