all pictures by samira deppen

ORBIT (6) 


MONDAY:      12:15-13:15 Prenatal Yoga with Doris Schlegel
            for registration

                     18:00-19:30 Hatha Yoga with Megan
            for registration

TUESDAY:    18:15-19:45 Dynamic Katonah with Aylin,                           sign up here

                      20:15-21:45 Yogaflo - Katonah inspired Vinyasa                          with Nadia Nunes as of January 14th 2020                       for registration

WEDNESDAY: Privates with Aylin book here

                       18:30-19:45 Vinyasa Yoga with Yoga Nina
              for registration     

                       13:45-16:00 Privates with Aylin, book here

THURSDAYS9:30-11:00 Dynamic Katonah with Aylin,
                      sign up here 

                      12:15-13:15 Lunch Flow with Eden Alexander                     for registration

                      13:30-15:00 Privates with Aylin, book here

                       18:15-19:45  Breathe, restore and flow with                               Judith Keufl                                             for registration

FRIDAYS:      9:30-11:00 Vinyasa Yoga with Diana Nicoli                                as of January 2020
                      for registration 

                      12:00-14:00 Privates with Aylin, book here

                      18:00-19:15 Oil class with Aylin & Team,                            book here

SATURDAYS:   AVAILABLE FOR WORKSHOPS email to                       

SUNDAYS:       9:30-11:00 Healing Flow with Liliane Meier
              for registration

                       11:30 onwards
                      AVAILABLE FOR WORKSHOPS email to                      

The space is 47m2 and is fully equipped with 18 Yoga mats,        16 bolsters, 40 blocks, 30 clickable straps, 10 pillows, 7 Yoga chairs, 16 sandbags, 1 pole and 1 Marshall bluetooth soundbox. There are two toilets on the floor, no shower. 

Address: Grossmünsterplatz 6, 8001 Zürich.

For general space inquiry and rental contact me: and check availability here.